Dawson's Story

The following is written by guest contributor and SWC patient, Amanda Coleman. It has been a joy to witness Dawson's journey toward wellness. 

There were telltale signs of trouble from the beginning—but overall, Dawson seemed to be a happy and healthy baby. Some of the signs I now realize I missed, and others, like the eczema, I minimized because it is so common these days. Thankfully, I learned and was able to prevent my third child, who showed similar symptoms, from traveling down the same awful road, as I am about to share. 

At 9 months, a series of events pushed Dawson’s little body over the edge, unable to handle all that was being thrown at it. And seemingly overnight, we were catapulted into a “new normal.”

He transformed from a happy baby who slept through the night into a sad little boy who only wanted to scratch and cry, who was no longer able to sleep because of his pain. Our new normal involved giving him multiple baths a day, wrapping him in wet clothing, protecting his little arms with scratch sleeves … and lots of tears, little laughter, and even less sleep.

We now realize that moving into a completely remodeled 1950’s home was the main catalyst for our new normal. This was before I knew about off-gassing and chemicals, about excess toxins in common construction materials and carpets. Dawson’s little system became overloaded with toxins, unable to eliminate them, ultimately becoming sensitive to things like chemical cleaners and polyester. A very scary asthma attack caused by construction dust ended in a hospital stay for Dawson.

After a basic blood allergy test, we learned he had tons of food allergies, but sadly, our pediatrician at the time only directed us toward symptom management, complete with bleach baths to prevent topical infection (from the scratching). But we didn’t want just symptom management; we wanted wellness. 

I started thinking, there’s got to be a root cause of all this. This question led me down a road I never imagined, filled with TONS of learning and sweet relationships I would’ve never experienced otherwise. I’ve learned how WONDERFULLY our bodies are made, if only we give them what they were created for. But processed foods, chemical home and personal-care products, over-usage of medicines and negative emotions cause stress we weren’t designed to handle. It’s SO important what we put in and on our bodies!

I’m so thankful God led us to Dr Rector. Although I had already begun making important changes in our home and Dawson’s routine, Dr. Rector was able to identify additional key pieces of Dawson’s health puzzle that have been vital to his healing. Though still not like most “normal” kids his age, he is a happy, beautiful, feisty 6 year old who has come a VERY long way. I’m so thankful to God for all He taught me throughout this journey … namely that He is good ALL THE TIME, and even when life was extra rocky, I could truly say “it is well with my soul.”

My top can’t-live-without chemical-free products!

Sadly, stories like Dawson’s are becoming more and more common. I love sharing my life with others and count it a privilege to walk alongside others as they take baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle.  If any part of Dawson’s story has resonated with you, I’d love to connect and share what I’ve learned along the way in hopes of it blessing your home and child.

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